January 31, 2013

Band Geek Thursday: Leigh Ann's playlist for ONE!

Hi sweet Misfiteers! I'm so excited that this is my week to show you one of my beloved playlists, and this one may be my most favorite of all - the list of songs I used to write ONE, my debut novel coming out June 11, 2013! 

I never noticed how many songs talked about the sky, the sunset, the sunrise, the stars, or flat-out flying. But since so many do, I was very lucky to have an amazing and perfectly fitting selection to accompany this book about a girl with half a superpower and the boy who makes her fly.

Here are my top ten faves from the list, and a short explanation of why they're there. I hope you love this list as much as I do.

(And, if you do love the playlist and would like to read more about the book that inspired it, check it out on Goodreads here. Thank you!)

Fly Away from Here by Aerosmith

Merrin has the typical teenaged angst,
but it's fueled by something different:
She should be able to fly, but she can't.

Gravity by Sarah Bareilles

This is a great song for when two
people meet and start to fall for
each other, and one of them really
doesn't want to, but can't help it. :D

Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer

Milky twilight, moonlit floor,
fireflies dancing - yep. That's a
pretty good description of the first
kiss scene in ONE.

Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift

This is the only song on the playlist
just for Leni and Daniel, for whom
sparks literally fly.

Such Great Heights by The Postal Service

It's good to be in love.
Especially when you can fly.

Blue Moon by Frank Sinatra

Merrin and Elias dance to this song
at a fancy dinner.

Never Say Never by the Fray

It's a song about an impending
breakup, and it's the "don't let me go" lyric that landed
it on this playlist.

Meteor Shower by Owl City
The entire song. YES.

Us Against The World by Coldplay

A perfect song for the closing
chapter of ONE.

Two Is Better Than One by Boys Like Girls

I would never have found this song
without Gina. LOVE.



Jamie Krakover said...

What a great playlist! I love Owl City!

Stephsco said...

Fun idea, I like how you related this to your story. Very cool.

Leslie S. Rose said...

Two is Better Than One drove a whole revision for me once.

Adrianne Russell said...

This is all kinds of awesome.

Gina said...

I remember telling you about that song! I still think it fits so perfectly :)

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