January 17, 2013

Band Geek Thursday: Jamie's Playlist for Untitled YA Sci-Fi

Hey Guys!

So I've kind of fallen down on writing in the last month or so, but not because I'm not excited about my next manuscript. Life's just gotten in the way, but that also means more time to play around with my play list and find the perfect songs for the story.

Right now, it's an untitled YA Sci-Fi set in space, and I have a general idea of where I want the story to go, but lets just say it's about a girl-turned-thief who agrees to one last job, and then gets pulled into an intergalactic war that may seriously put her plans to retire in jeopardy. There are space ninjas, and handsome smugglers, and lots of fun science.

I have a feeling it'll be a to of fun to write once I actually get started.

Right now, the playlist is pretty short, but I'm the kind of person who tends to add music as I go, so I'm sure it'll keep growing. Most of the songs have an edge, or remind me of space/sci fi (see the Battlestar Galactica call out!) and some of them I just think will get me in the mood. I tend to use mostly instrumentals when I write, so someone else's words don't distract me, so I think I'll be using the soundtrack to Star Trek and to BSG a lot.

Untitled Space Sci-Fi by Zephyr35 on Grooveshark

So what about you guys? Do you prefer instrumentals, or songs with words? Or do they distract you as well?


callmebecks said...

You're my music soulmate. BSG!!!

Maggie Hall said...

Florence! Muse! Imagine Dragons! I love this playlist, Jamie! And the book sounds great! I love me some handsome smugglers! :)

Alex Brown said...

I'm so. excited. for this story :) And I LOVE the playlist! I usually like to write to music with words (I also study this way haha). Apparently my brain likes the challenge, or maybe I just never really let go of my love for musical theater.

The only issue with my wordy songs is if I'm writing in a public space (like a bookstore, perhaps) then I'll want to sing along to said songs, so I have to reign myself in when I'm in public!

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