January 10, 2013

Band Geek Thursday: Erica's Playlist for BROKEN

Hi Everyone!!

Don't you just love Thursdays. Not as much as Fridays probably, but it's a good day. That anticipation of Friday is there. It's just within your reach. Ahhh. Also, it's BAND GEEK THURSDAY.

So. I wasn't a band geek in high school. I was a choir chick. BUT, I was in band in Jr. High. Played the flute. AND the Oboe for like five minutes. LOL. Also, I had a crush on at least three of the trumpet (cornet) players and one of the percussion guys. Only girls played the flutes at my school. And we sat right in front of all of the boys. Ah, high school. So that's my #bandgeekconfession


I'm kind of an emotional freak when it comes to writing and music. I love nothing more than to tap into that place deep inside me and just let the words flow, or bleed... I recently did a post on writing your second draft and how hard it can be. I mentioned that my words bled onto the page. This is true.

BROKEN, my YA contemporary was written in a week. I was really surprised how fast everything about this story burned into my soul. As dramatic as it sounds. I was meant to write this book when I did. For me, it's extremely personal. And the music reflects that. I cried. I wept. I straight-up bawled over this story and the music in this playlist had everything to do with that. I'm not sure if I could tap into that scary place deep down if the notes from these songs weren't yanking them out of me.

There's just something about how the melodies and minor chords sank into my subconscious and allowed me to write emotion. This is as honest of a book I could ever write, pulled from personal experience and fear and love and pain. I know the plot still needs work and it's in need of a serious revision, but what I wrote was genuine and real, and that's all I can really ask of myself.

BROKEN is about a girl who wants to die and the boy who won't let her go.

This is a short playlist. I tried to pick songs that matched what's going on in the story. I wrote to many, many more songs than these, but I really like how these all blended together ;o)

BROKEN playlist by erica m. chapman on Grooveshark
Do you write to music? Does it bring anything out in you that normally wouldn't be? Can you write without it?


Maggie Hall said...

Great playlist! And I can definitely see how these influenced this MS (which I am reading as we speak!) :)

quixotic_hope said...

I can tell from this playlist that BROKEN is definitely a novel that I would like to read! Half of those songs are already on playlists for some of my novels, and I have a feeling that the other half soon will be, as well. :)

erica m. chapman said...

Thanks, Maggie!

Q- Oh! I bet I'd like that playlist ;o) I love depressing music the best. The lyrics are usually better ;o)

Roxanne Galpin said...

Music is like this strange language that speaks to us in the most visceral way. Great playlist. The book sounds like the kind of book I like to read.

Bridget said...

I love these songs! Also "Heavy in your arms" is the lifeblood of my current WIP as well. It's so incredibly powerful.

A little sample, I've also got: "Only if for a night" also by Florence, "Devil Inside" by Utada Hikaru, "Undisclosed Desires" by Muse, "Before I'm Dead" by the Kidney thieves and "Fleurs Du Mal" by Sarah Brightman.

Your book sounds like it would hit close to home for me.

erica m. chapman said...

Thanks, Roxanne! I totally agree ;o)

Bridget, Oh! I love "Heavy in your arms" Your WIP must be a powerful one! Those are great songs too! I bet you have a great playlist ;o)

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