December 27, 2012

Band Geek Thursday: Lyla's Playlist for HEMLOCK (working-title)

Like I mentioned in my previous Band Geek Thursday post, building a playlist is one of the first things I do when starting a project, mainly because I use music to keep me motivated when getting the words out and revising/rewriting.

Hemlock (this is a working-title, mostly because I've yet to come up with something else) was a really tricky one in terms of sound-track building because I'm honestly not quite sure what genre it is, yet. I've had the idea for it rolling around in my head for months but the best I can describe it is that it's an alternative historical thriller novel where all the countries are still run by monarchies in the present-day.

As one can expect from this sort of political system, the world is in disarray with a very high gap between the wealthy and the poor (think: pre-French Revolution France). Amidst all this chaos, Shin is an eighteen-year-old ex-crown prince, the survivor of a childhood assassination attempt. Still suffering from the trauma of the attempt, he lives in a state of limbo on the streets until Mina, a seventeen-year-old courtesan-in-training, saves him from accidentally drowning in a river. The two ultimately discover that the assassins behind Shin's dethronement will strike again and cause the downfall of the entire nation if they don't prevent their plans from succeeding. While they're on their mission, Shin and Mina fall in love and shenanigans occur.

Whew. So with a premise like that, I knew I needed really good songs to get me through drafting/revising. And after several hours of picking through songs on Pandora and Spotify, I came up with this:

Hemlock by Lyla Lee on Grooveshark
Hope you enjoy the playlist! Happy writing and happy holidays~


Dahlia Adler said...

Gah, this book sounds SO GOOD.

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