November 19, 2012

Monday Pep Rally: Literary BFF

Monday Pep Rally is a weekly feature where the Misfits post a question for you, the reader, to answer. You can answer on your own blog and link in the comments, or just answer here!

We talk a lot about literary crushes - and there are some crush-worthy characters out there! But let's hear it for the characters you'd like to grab coffee with or stay up late painting each others toes or whatever you do with your best friends. I'd love to have tea with Miss Marple and have her scold me for all my improper habits. Or have a sleepover with Meg Murry. We'd be besties for sure!

So What literary characters would you like to have for your best friends? What would you do together? What makes you love a character that isn't crush-worthy?


callmebecks said...

Is it too easy to go with Lizzie Bennett? Because, seriously, I think hitting a wine bar with her would be a hoot. Wit! Sarcasm! Social commentary!

Darcy Drake said...

My favorite literary character of all time is Long John Silver. At the end of Treasure Island, I'd tell Jim he was a giant idiot and go off to have pirate adventures full of moral ambiguity, riches, and scurvy. Or at least meet up with him once a week for a drink to listen to all his crazy stories and mention him in all of my book acknowledgements. I'd never petsit his parrot though. Jim Hawkins can do that. Parrots don't like me at all.

Jenny Kaczorowski said...

Ahh! Yes! He's a great one!

Jenny Kaczorowski said...

Oooh! Lizzie with a little wine! That sounds delightful.

alice-jane said...

I second Lizzie Bennett! :)

Robert Kristoffersen said...

Josef Kavalier for sure. Comic creator/holocaust survivor, would be interesting to just listen to him talk about life experience. Pi from 'Life of Pi.' I love his unique outlook on life. Finally, Repairman Jack, good friend to have your back.

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