November 26, 2012


We here at YAMF are packed with fall birthdays, and today's belongs to none other than our beautiful west-coast-transplant-who-is-FINALLY-in-the-right-time-zone, MISFIT MAGGIE!!!!

So let's all wish her a super, amazing, incredible, wonderful, absolutely magnificent HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Just kidding - there's only one person Mags wants a happy birthday from, but don't worry, we got him!!

You guys know how our website is incredibly gorgeous and awesome and utterly fantastic, KIND of like a certain amazing Misfit who rocks a bikini like no other and her blog AND wrote a seriously insanely fantastic INTERNATIONAL FREAKING THRILLER complete with not one but TWO of the hottest guys in YA? That's basically like Maggie's present to you readers and to us fellow Misfits, because she did the damn thing, Africa!

Plus, on top of that, she happens to be an insanely amazing "elite" CP whose insightful critiques, endless support, and massive knowledge-bomb dropping basically saves many of our butts on the regular, so....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAGGIE, and maybe your 21st year (sure, let's go with that!) be as fabulous as you've made this past one for your fellow Misfits and beyond! (And go get yourself some beignets on us!)

Make sure to wish Maggie a happy birthday in the comments, Misfiteers!!!


Gina said...


Anonymous said...

I totally missed this!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAGGIE!!!!! *shoots the confetti cannon*

Maggie Hall said...

Thanks guys! <3

Elizabeth Briggs said...

ACK how did I miss this? Happy birthday Maggie!

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