November 9, 2012

Casual Friday - A Midwest Conference Fall 2012 Recap

Good morning Misfiteers!

It's been about two weeks since a few of the Misfits: Erica Chapman, Jamie Grey, myself, and Megan Whitmer, plus our adored writing bestie Andrea Hannah took a weekend just for our writer selves to hole up in a hotel room in Michigan Well, mostly eat, laugh, cuddle, and cry (okay, I'm the only one who cried) but we wrote a little bit too.

(Really! I did! I wrote like 1700 words. Even though with 20 kid-and-husband-free hours I should have been able to knock out 20k. Theoretically. Whatever. All the laughing was worth it.)

ANYWAY. We talked a lot about writing - the craft and the business - and realized that our, um, observations would probably resonate with a lot of our fellow writers - and might amuse our readers. So, with that, here's the official Midwest Conference Fall 2012 recap vlog. (And keep a careful eye out for guest appearances by Misfit Chessie and Misfit Gina.) Enjoy!


Marieke said...

I seriously love you all <3

Nathan and Aimee said...

"Smarties don't expire people" Love it. I'm not even a writer/aspiring writer, but I love this blog :) -aimee

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