November 1, 2012

Band Geek Thursdays: Jenny's Playlist for SIGNAL HILL

Music has always been a huge part of my writing. My playlists often have over 100 tracks. I see scenes and movements through music and that lyrical sensibility carried through into my writing - or so my CPs tell me. But for my current work-in-progress (working title: SIGNAL HILL), I've had a hard time finding the right musical inspiration. SH is very much a romance. It doesn't have the large scale, epic conflict of my last manuscript, but the relationships are more conflicted. In many ways it's much simpler, while in others far more complicated.  I've had to dig deeper into my massive iTunes collection to find the right mood, the right setting. But at long last, I'd like to debut ten songs that have inspired me on this journey. There are at least two more I wanted on this playlist ("Rising Moon" by A Minor Bird and "The Air I Breathe" by Watashi Wa), but neither appears to be available on Groove Shark or Spotify. Thus is the burden of enjoying music outside of the main stream! I hope you enjoy and perhaps find some inspiration too.


The Last Lightning Prince by Jenny Kacz on Grooveshark


erica m. chapman said...

Oh! Hands Down. I love that one. Also Amberlin! You have great taste ;o) Great post!

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