November 29, 2012

Band Geek Thursday: Dahlia's Playlist for JUST VISITING

Heyyy Misfiteers! This is my very first Band Geek Thursday, and to go along with that, this is pretty much my very first WIP playlist, so, there's that! See, while I love writing to music, and I've always had one or two songs I've associated with each ms (or, in the case of "Me and Yr Sister" by Verbena, a song I associate with two very different mss!), my method of music selection generally involves letting Pandora work its magic with a combination of Nirvana, The Pretty Reckless, Deer Tick, Hole, Florence & the Machine, Adele, Rihanna, the Vines, and Weezer.

But not this time! This time I'm actually doing that whole playlist thing... and I'm doing it with a WIP that's only half-finished, so bear with me and its brevity! JUST VISITING is a contemporary YA told from the alternating POVs of two very different best friends who go on a series of college visits to escape their horrible hometown and end up learning a lot about themselves and each other in the present while planning their future. Or at least that's my terrible and spontaneous elevator pitch. But anyway, on to the music! (Unfortunately, not all of these worked through Grooveshark, so they're linked instead, because I think these songs are just too good to miss!)

"Shut Up and Drive" by Rihanna - the book opens on - what else? - a road trip, so this song seemed particularly apt ;) Plus, one huge difference between BFFs Reagan, aka Rae, and Victoria, aka Vic, is their taste in music, and Rihanna gets a shoutout as being a particular favorite of the latter's.

"Chelsea Dagger" by The Fratellis - admittedly, this one is more of a tribute to my fab CP Valerie, who's been about as a huge a proponent of this ms as anyone could possibly be, but I like to think of it as being a little representative of Vic at her very first frat party.

"Smith Hill" by Deer Tick - I think this song is so beautiful, and there are these two scenes that take place in Reagan's trailer where you really see both her crumbling home life and the remnants of a haunting past relationship, and I just picture this in the background of all of it. This would definitely be "Reagan and Fitz's song."

"Hayloft" by Mother Mother - one day I'd love to write an entire ms based around this song, but for now, it's there as a nod to the hayride the girls go on at the second college they visit.

"It's Time" by Imagine Dragons - this is the song I could seriously imagine the characters taking turns singing, as it has so many lines I think really represent both main characters and their love interests. Particularly resonant to me are "The path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell/right to the top, don't look back," which really describes to me the girls' struggle to get out, and "It's time to begin, isn't it?/I get a little bit bigger but then I'll admit/I'm just the same as I was/Now don't you understand that I'm never changing who I am?" which I think beautifully encapsulates that borderline of ending high school and moving on to what's next, feeling simultaneously invincible and invisible.

"Get Out of This Town" by Carrie Underwood - at this point, I think the title speaks for itself! But, ironically enough, I think of it as the backdrop for a certain night spent enjoying the town.

"Just Tonight" by The Pretty Reckless - there is a Pretty Reckless song on every one of my playlists, and this one happens to be the one for my favorite scene in this particular ms. I call it the "kissing plus" scene. And that's all I'll say about that ;)

"Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac - another band that gets a shout-out during their first roadtrip is Fleetwood Mac, one of Reagan's favorites, but in a little twist, this ends up being a song that describes where Vic finds herself when everyone's expectations pull her in different directions.

"Ill With Want" by the Avett Brothers - this song is pretty much exactly a speech given to Reagan by her love interest, Dave, that I've written in my head but haven't yet put down on paper. Like, exactly.

"Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - I mean, this song could basically be on any book's playlist, I feel like, but whatever. This book is in large part about searching for what, where, and who home really is, so unoriginal as I might be, it stays!

"Arlandria" by the Foo Fighters - if I had to pick one theme song for this ms, it would be this one. I debated putting it at the start, because I think it so perfectly captures the theme of not letting your hometown define you, but I love the ferocity of it, the confidence, the decisiveness, and I felt like it needed to go after all the decisions had been made, the action taken. And so, I think it makes the perfect ending.

Now I just need to write the actual ending!


erica m. chapman said...

LOVE!!! You have FOO, Fleetwood Mac! AND Imagine Dragons!! Girl, you are my music soul sister <3333 I love this

Great post!! Can't wait to read more JV!!

Gina said...

Well now I know what to listen to when I read this. Which better be soon!

Valerie Cole said...

Yaaay! I am so excited for you, Dahlia, and this story! Love the soundtrack!!

Adrianne Russell said...

I love "Home." It was on repeat during my last road trip.

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