November 8, 2012

Band Geek Thursday: Cait's Playlist for EYRE HOUSE

So, funny thing.

I don't usually do playlists. At all.

Sure, I write to music. I blast all kinds, depending on my mood, or the mood of the scene I'm writing. But I'd never made an actual playlist until a friend asked for one for my last mss. When I started writing EYRE HOUSE, I didn't even think about putting one together for it.

And then Leigh Ann read it. And started making a playlist. And, well, there was no going back.

I've done a lot of shifting around, especially as I worked on this last round of revisions, but I think I've finally got a list I like. I think it captures a lot of Evan and Ginny's relationship, and the ups and downs. Hopefully. I'm still new at this, after all!

So here's my EYRE HOUSE playlist - Enjoy!

Eyre House by Cait Peterson on Grooveshark


callmebecks said...

Ooo, Ellie Goulding - I'm liking those. *runs off to listen to ALL OF IT*

Marieke said...

*runs of with Becks* Great playlist! :D

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