October 2, 2012

#YAWritersAAT Chat 9/30/12 - "Relationships and Romance"

Hey, Misfiteers! It's that time of the week again - YA Writers Ask a Teen (#YAWritersAAT) chat transcript time! It was an especially awesome week for YA Writers, because we were talking about Relationships and Romance!

Here are some of the findings, and the full transcript is after the jump. Thanks to ALL our amazing participants - see you Sunday!

#YAWritersAAT finding: Love triangles don’t happen. Girls aren’t cruel enough to draw out the pain.

#YAWritersAAT finding: If your friend has cried over a guy to you, dating him is a no-no.

#YAWritersAAT finding: Gay and Lesbian couples are widely accepted in most schools we heard about.

#YAWritersAAT finding: A lot of dating rules from parents were case-by-case, some had to do with gender balance of the group.

#YAWritersAAT finding: Parents wanted to be sure they could get their kids out of sticky dating situations via dating rules.

#YAWritersAAT finding: Girls reported only discussing crushes and relationships with a small circle of friends: cited backstabbing.

#YAWritersAAT finding: One teen reported going to guys for relationship advice, girls for “the gory details.”

#YAWritersAAT finding: There can be a lot of pressure from peers to date seriously.

#YAWritersAAT finding: Most HS girls either have a boyfriend or want one. Girls are more vocal about the desire than guys.

#YAWritersAAT finding:  ….but the perception that most people date seriously in HS is wrong.

#YAWritersAAT finding: Love triangles = unrealistic. Girls are just never torn between two guys.

#YAWritersAAT finding: Same thing with best friends falling in love. Unrealistic. The friendship comes first.


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