October 9, 2012

YA Writers Ask a Teen 10/7/12 - Romance in Lit - What Works?

Hey, Misfiteers!  We had an awesome chat this week about Romance and Relationships in Teen Lit - what works and what doesn't?

Here are some findings, and the screenshot of when we trended above #OUAT (EgoClub, you know), and the full transcript after the jump!

And, as always, you can find the transcripts from every  #YAWritersAAT chat right here. 

Happy reading!

#YAWritersAAT finding: Tragic endings that are true to the story gain respect from teens for the author sticking to her instincts.

#YAWritersAAT finding: We definitely need more books that focus on friendship as opposed to romance as the primary driver. #YAWritersAAT (@actualteen)

#YAWritersAAT finding :Teens aren’t usually as awesome at communicating as seen in books.

 #YAWritersAAT finding: Instalove = NO. Just…don’t.

The feelings in teen relationships are serious but the experience is not always there to process them maturely

Real teen guys are clueless about everything – how to express feelings, how to act on feelings.

 Finding From @actualteen - I graduated in June and weeks before, guys were still throwing food and slamming doors for attention

#YAWritersAAT finding -  Most girls I know (myself included) are perfectly happy not being in a relationship unless they find a great guy. (@JulieHeartBooks)



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