October 16, 2012

Recess: The Misfits' Greatest Hits

Hey, Misfiteers!

We hope you've been enjoying our content on YAMF so far, but did you know that while we're all posting here, we've been writing awesome posts for our own blogs as well?? (I know! We are amazing! Boggles the mind!) So check out some of our favorite of our own individual posts and get to know the Misfits one-on-one!

From Jenny Kazcorowski, a post on voice: To Thine Own Self Be True

Cait Peterson teaches how to write a fight scene

Sage advice from Gina Ciocca: Let Your Suck Flow

Dahlia Adler asks, "Whose 'Failure' is New Adult?"

Let Leigh Ann Kopans show you how to build a crit group

The power and pain of rewrites as shown by Marieke Nijkamp

One of the most contentious debates of our time: Plotting vs. Pantsing, brought to you by Megan Whitmer

Writing for teens? Learn more about how to do it right with this post by Chessie Zappia

Like Band Geek Thursdays? Then you'll love reading how music breathes life into Lyla N. Lee's novels

Check out how Erica Chapman shows emotion in writing

How can you not read a post by Jamie Grey entitled "Channel Your Inner Muppet"?

And what list is complete without a vlog? This one on inspiration is by Maggie Hall!


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