October 31, 2012

Happy Birthday, Misfit Megan!!!

Hey Misfiteers!

Guess what awesomeness is going on today! Yeah, yeah, in an hour, our Halloween blog hop, but seriously? The absolute most incredible reason to squee today?

It's Misfit Megan's birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know! I KNOW.

You guys, I myself have had the pleasure of hanging out with Megan twice in person, and every time I see her I'm pretty much like:

Michael Tackling Jim

Megan's writing is so whimsical and magical and so make-your-heart-stop beautiful and once in awhile pretty sexy too, that every time I read her MS I'm all,

Not only can she turn a pretty phrase, she's an amazing friend and support. Whether it's about writing problems or just life stress, as soon as something bugs me I know I can just give her a call and that everything will seem better.


So, needless to say, we're all SUPER FREAKING EXCITED that it's Megan's birthday today...



Jamie Grey said...

MEGAN!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you have a wonderful day! And aren't October B-day's the BEST?!? <333

Dahlia Adler said...

Happy birthday, Megs!!! <3<3<3

Dizzyhappymama said...


AngiNicole said...

All the love! Happy birthday Meg!

Megan said...

AW THANKS GUYS!!! I love you. :)

Feaky Snucker said...

Happy Birthday Megan!

Laura Hughes, MittensMorgul said...

Happy birthday! Isn't it nice to know that nearly everybody in the country will be celebrating along with you, eating candy, throwing parties, and all? I'll imagine it that way, anyhow. :D

Anonymous said...

Don't October birthdays just ROCK?? Happy birthday, hon!!!

Marieke said...

Happy birthdayy!!!! :D

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