October 5, 2012

Casual Friday: Ego Club

If you've spent any time watching certain Misfits on Twitter, no doubt you've come across the #EgoClub hashtag. At first glance, Ego Club might look like a club for people with huge egos, people who are stuck on themselves, people who think the world revolves around them. It's a little bit of this:

 And even more of this:

But the secret of Ego Club is a deeper purpose.

We writers are a predictable breed in that all of us, at some point, about some facet of our work, have felt insecurity and low self-esteem. We've felt like it isn't worth anything, like we've wasted our time, like no one will ever want to read this garbage why did we even write it anyway god that was such a dumb idea this book will never sell.

Ego Club equips you with the mindset to pull yourself out of these slumps, and that mindset is: You are awesome. You think you're a failure? That's obviously untrue--you're you. You think your book sucks? It can't--you wrote it. No one will want to read it? WRONG. Everyone will want to read it. Everyone will want to read everything you write, ever. Because you write it.

Big egos flourish in the company of other big egos. Ego Club provides the perfect environment to nurture your ego and let it grow. Most writers don't give their egos the proper amount of exercise--for that you need a big yard and plenty of ego pals. Ego Club is the place you can let your ego run free and unrestrained, and flaunt your newly-overflowing vault of self-worth.

But with great power comes great responsibility. And the most essential skill you need in Ego Club is the ability to tame your ego when not among other members. This deflation ability is crucial for the successful human being*, not to mention the successful writer. Your strengthened ego should be a tool to lift yourself up when you're feeling down, NOT a weapon against other writers.

What you ARE:
- awesome

What you ARE NOT:
- better than everyone else

In Ego Club, we measure ourselves against ourselves, not others. We learn from others, we listen to others, and we admire others, but we are ourselves and we cannot gauge our self-worth based on the successes of others.

And we don't discriminate. Big or little, obnoxious or subtle, we accept egos of all shapes and colors. So throw off your chains of failure, kick away the hounds of insecurity, and come join Ego Club today.**

*not applicable to Alexander the Great, who had a legendary ego and who was, for all intents and purposes, fairly successful.

**all new members are assigned the position of "plebe." If one wishes to attain the position of Ego Club President, one much submit a formal resume to the Office of the President. From there it will be filed away in the Repository of Presidential Position Requests, a.k.a. Francesca Zappia's Mental Garbage Can.***

***there is no Repository of Presidential Position Requests.****

****because no one else can be President. I am the President.


Megan said...

EGO CLUB! Where everyone is awesome, and everyone is President. Except me. I'm the EMPRESS OF EGO.

KelsNotChels said...

I SO need Ego Club.

I'm officially joined.

And officially the Maharani of Ego Club.

Laura Hughes, MittensMorgul said...

Ooh! I get to be Grand Poobah of Ego Club. I always wanted to be a Grand Poobah.

AngiNicole said...

I so needed this today. #EgoClub for the win. I'm the dancemaster of Ego Club. That's right, you can't touch this.

CB Soulsby said...

Now this is a Club I can get behind!!

Jessa Russo (Stadtler) said...

I love this!

Rachel said...

Can I join? Feeling meh about the novz

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