October 11, 2012

Band Geek Thursdays: Erica's Playlist for ANOMALY


Oh, sweet music. It's my favorite passion other than writing. Music has been a HUGE influence on me since I was kid. I was in choir from age 5 to 20--Even show choir (Don't you laugh. I hear you laughing. Hey, Glee was REAL. I lived it. Well, with less cuties and more off-key singers, but we had divas.) I also started playing the guitar a couple years ago and fell in love with hearing music that way, coming from my own fingers. It's exhilarating and rather painful when you don't play all the time.

I almost always write to music. It's my muse. Sometimes I'll put a song on repeat for hours if it gets me in the mood for a certain scene or manuscript. There's something about the notes and the soft voices that really makes the wordage flow.

There are SO many bands that I use to "get in the mood" Ha.

Bands I LOVE to write to and why:

The Fray - Hello. They should just call them writer's porn.
Silversun Pickups - Mellow and dreamy, but has a rock edge to it
Snow Patrol - Mellow-ish, good melodies
Coldplay - 'nuff said.
Counting Crows - August & Everything After basically lived in my CD play--I mean, iPod. Right. iPod (Who's old? Not me.) in college.
George Michael - Yep. Old school George is hard to beat if you want to weep your eyes out and make others do the same. I mean, "Mother's Pride" Listen to it and not get sad. I DARE YOU.
Howie Day - "Ghost" is such a gorgeous song- I can even (sort of) play it on the guitar. Most days.
Pearl Jam - "Black" is my crack. (ha, I rhymed) I can listen to that song for HOURS. Also, I can play it on the guitar rather well #egoclub
Radiohead - "Fake Plastic Trees" is on pretty much every one of my playlists - Oh, I play that on the guitar too, are you sensing a pattern here? LOL
John Mayer - "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room"? Beautiful writing song. Also, "Dreaming with a Broken Heart."
Sarah McLachlan - Does it get more beautiful than her voice to words? I WEEP to her songs, especially "Angel" Gah.
Metric - Acoustic Metric helps write all my MS's
Simple Plan - "Untitled" is one of the best songs. Such powerful imagery and lyrics.
Paramore - "Decode" practically wrote ANOMALY's first draft. I'm not kidding, at present it's at *consults iTunes* 862 plays O.o

I get a lot of song ideas from watching So You Think You Can Dance. So, if you're ever looking for inspiration that show is invaluable. At least to me ;o)

I'm SURE I missed a ton of my favorites, but this gives you an idea. Something of note... I left out some of my favorite bands because I don't write to every band I love. I ADORE Manchester Orchestra, but there's only a handful I'd write to like, "Virgin" They are a bit too hard for me to listen to while writing, so there's definitely a distinction ;o)

So, here's ANOMALY's playlist - in no particular order. I tried to pick songs for certain parts, but really, they work together as a guide to the emotional elements of the story.

Oh, you probably want some background, huh? ANOMALY is my YA Thriller about a seventeen-year-old girl who gets her brain scanned for a government initiative and gets sent to an island full of teens marked as future killers.

Fun times.

What about you? Are any of these on your playlist? What do you write to? 

THANK YOU for hanging out with this crazy music-loving misfit.


Lisa said...

I do playlists for inspiration, but I tend to listen to albums when I'm actually writing. My favourite genres to write to are alternative and film soundtracks. Specifics:

Boys Like Girls
Narnia soundtracks

There are others, but these are some of the best.

erica m. chapman said...

Sounds like a good plan. Ha! Sadly no Taylor Swift is on mine, but I do like her voice ;o) I like Boys Like Girls too! Oh, yeah. Glee? I've been putting Rachel and Brody's "Give Your Heart a Break" on repeat for days!!

callmebecks said...

The Fray - Hello. They should just call them writer's porn.

Oh, hell yeah.

Also - "Leaving Town" by Dexter Freebish! I'm having late high school flashbacks!

I've been watching these Band Geek posts and pondering getting on Spotify and reinvesting in my music love. I've let it slide in recent years, and while I've never written TO music (it throws me off and I end up typing the song lyrics), music definitely gives me inspiration for the emotions behind a ms itself. It might help replenish the creative bucket a bit...

erica m. chapman said...

Ha! Yeah, Leaving Town brings me back too!! It helps me get creative too ;o) I totally get that!!

Adrianne Russell said...

I'm really starting to live for Band Geek Thursdays! :) Lately, I've had Bon Iver on heavy rotation along with Aqualung ("Brighter Than Sunshine"), Jet ("Look What You've Done"), Keane ("Somewhere Only We Know"), Café Tacuba ("El Aparato"), Noisettes ("Wild Young Hearts"), and A Fine Frenzy ("You Picked Me").

Marieke said...

I totally love that you have Pearl Jam's BLACK on here. :D

erica m. chapman said...

Oh Adrianne! Those are great picks. I Love the Jet and Keane songs you picked ;o)

Marieke, that's one of my favorite songs of all time. I even have the lyrics as a skin on my macbook pro ;o)

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