October 4, 2012

Band Geek Thursday: Marieke's playlist for PALADIN

So I should probably admit something here... I don't actually have playlists for my manuscripts. I have songs, yes. Songs for certain characters, songs for love stories, theme songs. But songs I rarely ever write to; they simply inspire me.

PALADIN had a handful of those songs. Songs that didn't change, even though the story itself did. You see, PALADIN was a story that nibbled at the back of my mind for a long time. While the premise stayed the same, it took me more than a few tries to finally get to the heart of the story. A heart of hope in a story where all seems lost.

The song that started it all: Heather Dale - One of Us
Like I said, PALADIN lived with me for quite some time. When it was nothing more than a drabble, this was the song that inspired me. Because although it didn't end up as a story about girl knights, that was what I wanted to be when I grew up. That was what inspired me. This song reflected that perfectly.

Theme song: Josh Ritter - Girl in the war 
I don't recall how I found this song but the title--obviously--appealed to me. It was also the song that introduced me to Josh Ritter's music and I'm so grateful for that! Like with the other stories, I love the lyrics. They fit the context of the story--one of a girl in a war and every bit of despair.

Xan and Wulf's song: Coldplay - 'til Kingdom Come 
Xan and Wulf have been two of my favorite characters to write. There's a lot I can say about their relationship and a lot I won't. Except this "In your tears and in your blood // In your fire and in your flood // I heard you laugh, I heard you sing // I wouldn't change a single thing."

Theme song: Mumford and Sons - After the Storm 
It wasn't until far into my last rewrite that I discovered this song and it was so perfect I couldn't believe my luck. My last rewrite was one specifically for mood and this was all I wanted to accomplish with it. The lyrics fitted it eerily well. Because within that darkness, there is also redemption and hope.

Grey's song: Sarah Bettens - Grey
As far as I'm concerned, this song, aptly named after my MC, was written for my MC. Let's skip over the fact that it's older than my MS, shall we? Because oh it's such a perfect song, not just for Grey, but for the way she interacts with two very important people throughout the story. It may be a love song, but it's a poignant one and one of loss too.

And finally, because every story needs a fantastic showtune: Into the Woods - No More

PALADIN by maggieh on Grooveshark


Dahlia Adler said...

Totally got chills from the Xan/Wulf lyrics. GUYS, for anyone reading this who has not read PALADIN, trust me, you are going to cover your walls in Xan/Wulf fanfic when you're done.

Adrianne Russell said...

I have an entire playlist of Mumford & Sons for my latest revision. Somehow they seem like they were written just for my story.

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