October 25, 2012

Band Geek Thursday: Leigh Ann's Playlist for CHROME

Hey Misfiteers!Leigh Ann here.

I've gotta tell you guys, I feel like a bit of a cheat with this week's playlist. You see, while Misfit Chessie is famous for being the Home Depot of Worldbuilding (you can do it, she can help) she's also AMAZING at building playlists based on a short description of a WiP.

So when I needed a kick in the pants to start drafting Chrome all the way back in the spring, Chessie decided I needed a playlist and sent me one. And you know what? She was right about a good playlist's butt-kicking effect. The playlist she put together made me swoon and propelled me through the first 20k or so of the MS. About half of the songs on the playlist below came from her original.

I know. You're jealous. I'm sorry! But I couldn't take credit for it myself.

For background - Chrome is a futuristic science fiction retelling of the Exodus from Egypt.

Now! The songs, and why I like 'em for the playlist. 

(As of last night, I couldn't get the embed widget to come up in Grooveshark, but here's the link to the playlist: http://grooveshark.com/playlist/CHROME/78731680) (*Cait sneaks in* *fixes embed widget* *posts below*)

Hey Princess by Allstar Weekend - This is a song about adoring a Princess, which is exactly how Chrome opens.

Princess of China by Coldplay - Another princess song! Except this one's about losing your chance with a Princess. Ouch.

Paradise by Coldplay - To me, this is a song about being disillusioned with something you once thought was awesome. Enough said.

Wonderful by My Morning Jacket - I love the feeling of relaxed, happy, settled love this communicates. *winky wink*

Dare You to Move by Switchfoot - A great song for anyone who needs convincing to rise to a challenge.

Bigger than Us by White Lies - The title says it all.

Angel with a Shotgun by the Cab - "Before you start a war you'd better know what you're fighting for." So. Awesome.

We Found Love by Rihanna - A repetitive but catchy song about finding love in an unlikely place.

The Spectator by The Bravery - "In this world but not of it/so he watches from above it/a visitor here, this is not home." Pretty much totally sums up my MCs experience of belonging nowhere.

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons - A freaky song that fits the plague portion of the MS perfectly.

Demons by Imagine Dragons - Long considered to be the theme song for this MS, it's about someone who's afraid of what lies inside her. So powerful.

Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap - A song about devastation.

Heaven by Angels and Airwaves - "The world will begin exactly how it ends." <--- YEP.


Dahlia Adler said...

Freaking "Radioactive" and "Demons" have become staples of my writing playlist thanks to this playlist - I need them out of my head! (But not really, because I love them.)

Samantha said...

So, so, thrilled when I find new music that gets the creative juices flowing. And isn't it lovely, how a song on your list for a Sci-Fi MS can fuel many other genres. Personally, I'm drafting a thriller/horror, but I just fell in love with Dare You To Move by Switchfoot after checking out your playlist, Leigh Ann.
Thanks for posting so much awesomeness on the blog, Mistfits!

Anonymous said...

*whistles* I might just have fixed that pesky embed issue... <3 the playlist!

erica m. chapman said...

Oh Oh!! Radioactive... LOVE LOVE!! Also, Dare you to move is a great song. Nice list <333

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