September 11, 2012

YA Writers Ask a Teen: What Are Your Favorite Books, and Why?

Hey, everyone! Leigh Ann here. I'm so excited that the YA Misfits blog is the new home of the YA Writers Ask a Teen (#YAWritersAAT) chat transcripts! (They were previously hosted by lovely fellow founding Misfit Jenny, who did an amazing job.)

The #YAWritersAAT chat started as an opportunity for my writer friends on Twitter to ask a couple of my teen readers questions about their lives, as an authenticity check for their works-in-progress. For a fuller description of the origins of the chat, you can read my post summarizing that first week here. 

The response has been amazing, both from the teens and participants. In fact, #YAWritersAAT has been a trending topic nearly every week. Yay to this awesome group of YA writers for caring so much about authenticity in teen voice!

This past Sunday's chat topic was "What Are Your Favorite Books, Shows, and Movies, and Why?"

I have to say, I really expected to hear more specific answers, ones that outlined certain genres, settings, or types of characters. But unlike previous chats, our "findings" were few, because all the answers were pretty much variations on the same few broad responses:

The entire transcript is after the jump! Enjoy.

Oh, yeah. And we DEFINITELY trended. First place, above all that silly NFL stuff. *high fives*

Have you participated in the #YAWritersAAT chats? What have you learned? 


Caitlin R. O'Connell said...

Wait, there are some people who DON'T think that John Green is basically a god? :P Seriously, he's my hero. :)

And yaaay YAWritersAAT! I need to get back in on that this coming weekend. :)

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