September 25, 2012

YA Writers Ask a Teen - Teen Stereotypes

Hey, Misfiteers! It's that time of the week again - YA Writers Ask a Teen Chat recap time!

(The #YAWritersAAT chat started as an opportunity for my writer friends on Twitter to ask a couple of my teen readers questions about their lives, as an authenticity check for their works-in-progress. For a fuller description of the origins of the chat, you can read my post summarizing that first week here. )

 It was an amazing week, and to prove it, we trended on Emmy night!  Woooot!

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This week, we wanted to talk about stereotypes - the snotty cheerleader, the dumb jock, the studious Asian, the Jewish American Princess. Prom night, sex-crazed teen boys, and the whole shebang. We got some surprising answers, including:

- Girl soccer players are by far the cliquiest girl athletes.
- Girl athletes don't really have trouble getting dates
- Teens know that Asian kids aren't always the overachieving smartest ones, but there are enough that fit the stereotype that no one really gets upset about it.
- GLBT alliance groups are common, but almost universally better attended by girls than boys. Same gender divide applies to acceptance of gay kids, gay boys especially.
- Teen boys really are almost universally sex-obsessed.

So, now you know. Lots more topics in the chat, the full transcript is after the jump!

#YAWritersAAT 9/22/12 - Teen Stereotypes

Writers of Young Adult fiction ask teen answerers on Twitter - Are some common teen stereotypes true? Topics covered - Cliques, Sports, High School dances, racial stereotypes, LGBT inclusion, socioeconomic stereotypes, American Princesses (vaguely Jewish), and teen boys' obsession with sex.

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Opening up Tweetdeck for tonight's #YAWritersAAT! See you in a few!Leigh Ann Kopans
A couple ground rules before we get started - Don't be creepy. No questions about sex or drugs or illegal or squicky stuff. #YAWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
Don't. Be. Creepy. Our teens are here to answer questions for an hour only, unless they say they're hanging out longer. #YAWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
Last - #YAWritersAAT is for gut-checks ONLY. These people aren't here to write your books for you. Too far into specifics is too far.Leigh Ann Kopans
#YAWritersAAT Hi friends! Is it about stereotypes 2nite? Speaking of which, does anyone really care about proms anymore?Helen Boswell
Tonight's topic is "Teen Stereotypes" - the snobby cheerleader, the overachiever genius, the high skateboarder, the dumb jock. #YAWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
@HelenBozz I didn't go to my Junior one, but I definitely care about senior!! #YAWritersAATMorgan Stiℓenski
Went to homecoming last night. The morning after a cross-country meet. #YAWritersAATChihuahua Zero
Hey! Under eighteen. Writer. Trying to master the art of multi-tasking. #YAWritersAATChihuahua Zero
Hey guys! I'm ready to talk some high school stereotypes. :) #YAWritersAATHeather Marie
Watching #Emmys #CorvisieroQueries and #YAwritersAATAlly Hayes
Talk to us a little bit about girl athletes. Do they fall into all sorts of social groups? Is it hard for them to, say, date? #YAWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
@LeighAnnKopans Heyo people! My name's Jasmine, I'm sixteen and working on, like, three different novels right now. #YAWritersAATLost_in_Translation
Uhh, let me think...under 18, aspiring writer for around 4 years, actually my bio really says it all. Ask anything #YAWritersAATMorgan Stiℓenski
Hi everyone! Okay, teens, I'm curious: what's the most cringe-worthy stereotype you've seen in recent YA fiction? #YAWritersAATNicole Steinhaus
I'm John, crusher of dreams, eater of souls. (Not really.) I intern and write and tweet way too much. #YAWritersAAT @LeighAnnKopansJohn Hansen
@CinderScoria Hi Jasmine. Thanks for being here. <3 #YAWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
@morgnicole Thanks, dear. <3 #YAWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
@LeighAnnKopans A lot of girl athletes are popular at my school. I dunno why. :P #YAWritersAATLost_in_Translation
@ABoredAuthor Well, now you have me wondering. #YAWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
@morgnicole Regardless of reality, the "bad girl" archetype rubs me the wrong way. Probably how it's used. #YAWritersAATChihuahua Zero
At my school, it seems like "good at sports" and "good at school" mesh all the time. They're not exclusive. #YAWritersAATChihuahua Zero
@NicoleSteinhaus Not cringe-worthy but I hate the dumb jock one. I know plenty of athletes who are smart or at least mildly. #YAWritersAATJohn Hansen
@LeighAnnKopans Always. ^_^ #YAWritersAATLost_in_Translation
@chihuahuazero excuse me? When have I once mentioned that I was a bad girl? ... #YAWritersAATMorgan Stiℓenski
Great Q MT @NicoleSteinhaus Okay, teens: what's the most cringe-worthy stereotype you've seen in recent YA fiction? #YAWritersAATIlima Loomis
@morgnicole Hahaha Got it. So girl athletes do okay. #YAWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
@LeighAnnKopans Cheerleaders are crazy clicky, just like in the books. #YAWritersAATOlivia
@chihuahuazero @morgnicole Um...I think it was a reply misfire. ;) #YAWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
@NicoleSteinhaus pale skin, brown hair, shy and awkward girl falls for mysterious new kid...ugh I'm so sick of reading ... #YAWritersAATMorgan Stiℓenski
@NicoleSteinhaus stuff like that #YAWritersAATMorgan Stiℓenski
@morgnicole Oops. I replied to the wrong person. #YAWritersAATChihuahua Zero
@msalliehayman Hey hey, pretty new Avi! #YAWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
@NicoleSteinhaus I really, really hate instalove. #YAWritersAATOlivia
@LeighAnnKopans @chihuahuazero okay haha, that makes so much more sense #YAWritersAATMorgan Stiℓenski
Are the skater kids and the jocks still considered enemies? This definitely went on in my high school. #YAWritersAATHeather Marie
. @OliviasOpinions Cheerleaders have cliques, okay. but where do other girl athletes fit in? #YAWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
@LeighAnnKopans @chihuahuazero @morgnicole It's b/c you have my name in your handle. Meant for me, I think #YAWritersAATNicole Steinhaus
@OliviasOpinions Yeah I feel ya on the instalove thing. @NicoleSteinhaus #YAWritersAATHeather Marie
@OliviasOpinions @NicoleSteinhaus YES #YAWritersAATMorgan Stiℓenski
@LeighAnnKopans Thanks!! #YAWritersAATAlexandra Hayman
@morgnicole Someone asked about egregious teen stereotypes in YA. ;) @chihuahuazero #YAWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
Sorry I'm late! I'm Amy, 16, rep'd by Emily Keyes, literary agent intern. Also trying to do APChem at the moment. #YAwritersAATJust Another Dreamer
Okay @chihuahuazero , what about the "bad girl" stereotype bugs you? #YAWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
@chihuahuazero "bad girl" as in bi*chy or like a druguser...? #YAWritersAATNicole Steinhaus
Don't worry! I realize it was a misunderstanding. #YAWritersAATMorgan Stiℓenski
@NicoleSteinhaus The first one. #YAWritersAATChihuahua Zero
@xHeatherxMariex @OliviasOpinions @NicoleSteinhaus Oh, it depends for me. Love, maybe not, but instant mutual attraction? #YAWritersAATLost_in_Translation
@EncoreUnReveur Good grief, you have a lot going on! #YAwritersAATVivi Barnes
@LeighAnnKopans Them too. Cross country, soccer, tennis. Most of the time they clique unintentionally, but still do it. #YAWritersAATOlivia
@LeighAnnKopans I think it's because it's used as a subplot and an excuse for conflict. (Mean girls, I mean.) #YAWritersAATChihuahua Zero
@OliviasOpinions @leighannkopans At my school, athletic ability correlates directly with your popularity. #YAwritersAATJust Another Dreamer
OH I missed the topic for #YAWritersAAT - what is it this week?bria quinlan
@briaquinlan Highschool stereotypes. #YAWritersAATChihuahua Zero
@xHeatherxMariex not really, they don't pay too much attention to each other #YAWritersAATMorgan Stiℓenski
@briaquinlan High school stereotypes. :) #YAWritersAATHeather Marie
@morgnicole Yeah. I figured that would fade out. haha #YAWritersAATHeather Marie
Does anybody else's schools have a Hip-Hop Crew as a club? #YAWritersAATChihuahua Zero
Do you feel like cheerleaders are as snobby in real life as portrayed in YA? #YAWritersAATHeather Marie
with the popularity of shows like Glee, how are the choir/band kids fairing in HS these days? Still considered geeky? #YAwritersAATSarah Negovetich
Is the whole school really divided into cliques, then, a'la the Clueless intro? #YAWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
@chihuahuazero I think my old high school still does. #YAWritersAATHeather Marie
@briaquinlan stereotypes #YAWritersAATMorgan Stiℓenski
@SarahNego Ooooh good question! #YAWritersAATHeather Marie
@chihuahuazero nope, but we have a dance team I'm pretty sure #YAWritersAATMorgan Stiℓenski
Are there kids that transcend groups (like it was the theatre kids, when I was in high school a gabillion years ago)? #YAWritersAATTrisha Leigh
@morgnicole LOL, almost a decade later and we're still suffering from the Twilight-syndrome. #YAWritersAATNicole Steinhaus
@SarahNego really depends on the school. at some schools, band kids are pretty popular. depends on the ratio of band:not band #YAWritersAATAlexandra Hayman
@xHeatherxMariex some are, most aren't. I'd say around 40% of them are #YAWritersAATMorgan Stiℓenski
#YAWritersAAT Hi guys! How instrumental are school clubs (besides sports) in people's lives - and in forming friend groups, cliques, etc.?Helen Boswell
@msalliehayman Any sports snobbier than any others? Or is it just a friendship thing? #YAWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
@SarahNego well I'm in both. And not really, actually not at all but other stereotypes may be pretty accurate #YAWritersAATMorgan Stiℓenski
@ticklingthemuse @EncoreUnReveur You mean she's amazing ;) #YAWritersAATNicole Steinhaus
@LeighAnnKopans @msalliehayman *coughcough* SOCCER *coughcough* #YAWritersAATLost_in_Translation
@LeighAnnKopans yes and no, there are some in place, but there are also the kids that are friends with people of all #YAWritersAATMorgan Stiℓenski
@LeighAnnKopans different groups #YAWritersAATMorgan Stiℓenski
@LeighAnnKopans @msalliehayman Volleyball. In friends with a lot of the girls, and they're always so PO'd at each other. #YAwritersAATJust Another Dreamer
#YAWritersAAT Hopefully I'm not too late. I'm Amanda. 18. Currently a freshman in college. First time not in Catholic school.Amanda Foody
@trishaleighKC I do. I'm a Drama Geek and a Bookworm and a Choir Kid and a Jock, so, yeah, definitely. #YAWritersAATLost_in_Translation
SOCCER is the snobbiest? Never would've thunk. #YAWritersAAT @CinderScoria @msalliehaymanLeigh Ann Kopans
@AmandaFoody Hey Amanda!! *waves* #YAWritersAATHeather Marie
@HelenBozz the clubs I'm in have: changed me as a person..for the better, introduced me to some of my best/good friends #YAWritersAATMorgan Stiℓenski
@LeighAnnKopans @msalliehayman Wouldn't think so right? But it's like those girls grew up together. Don't like outsiders. #YAWritersAATLost_in_Translation
@morgnicole Whoops, forgot the #. What other stereotypes do apply to this group? #YAWritersAATSarah Negovetich
@trishaleighKC I'm a band kid, drama kid, swimming kid, residence kid, and in the harry potter club. and it's not unusual. #YAWritersAATAlexandra Hayman
Okay, another question. How do the gay kids do at your school? Curious to see how things have changed in 15 years. #YAWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
@HelenBozz and some of them like writing related ones help me gain experience for the future, and they look great for college #YAWritersAATMorgan Stiℓenski
@LeighAnnKopans I'm not a girl (obviously) but it seems like it. #YAWritersAAT @CinderScoria @msalliehaymanJohn Hansen
@morgnicole Good to hear. Yay for clubs! #YAWritersAATHelen Boswell
@LeighAnnKopans Great question! I was wondering the same thing. #YAWritersAATHeather Marie
Re: The gay kids question: Are they pretty universally accepted into whereever their hobbies or interests are? #YAWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
@LeighAnnKopans Girls love gay guys. Not a lot of lesbians at my school, though. Gay guys do the best. #YAWritersAATLost_in_Translation
@LeighAnnKopans Gay kids are generally loved by girls and generally bullied by guys. #YAwritersAATJust Another Dreamer
@CinderScoria @msalliehayman Thanks, guys! Good to know. #YAWritersAATTrisha Leigh
@LeighAnnKopans The Gay-Straight-Alliance has more girls. Bigotry is rare but "gay" is used as a causal insult. #YAWritersAATChihuahua Zero
@ABoredAuthor YOU'RE NOT? #YAWritersAATHelen Boswell
@LeighAnnKopans NO. Usually I stay out of #YAWritersAAT, but volleyball has always been snobbiest. /end @CinderScoria @msalliehaymanTaryn Albright
@EncoreUnReveur @LeighAnnKopans Really? o.O People at my school are more respectful of that, and don't straight up bully... #YAWritersAATJohn Hansen
. @EncoreUnReveur So would a gay kid be okay in, like, shop class, or playing football? Or would he hide it? #YAWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
@chihuahuazero @LeighAnnKopans Yeah, which I find stupid. Although gay guys are usually cool to both genders in my school. #YAWritersAATLost_in_Translation
@HelenBozz Surprise, surprise. #YAWritersAATJohn Hansen
No one on my cross-country team is openly gay. #YAWritersAATChihuahua Zero
@LeighAnnKopans Most of the gay guys I know don't play sports or take woodshop...but I guess they could be hiding it? #YAwritersAATJust Another Dreamer
I work on a college campus, and I know it can be hard for gay kids to integrate well into frats, for example. Just curious. #YAWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
@LeighAnnKopans a lot of people have come out, and I haven't seen anyone get physically assaulted, but there are still... #YAWritersAATMorgan Stiℓenski
Quick question: Does your school call its LGBT club a "Gay-Straight Alliance"? #YAWritersAATChihuahua Zero
@LeighAnnKopans people who don't seem to have a filter and say extremely rude things around/about them #YAWritersAATMorgan Stiℓenski
@tarynalbright That's the second "volleyball" I heard! :D Thanks hon! #YAWritersAAT @CinderScoria @msalliehaymanLeigh Ann Kopans
@EncoreUnReveur @LeighAnnKopans Popular gay guy at my school is a wicked pitcher on our baseball team. #YAWritersAATLost_in_Translation
@ABoredAuthor @leighannkopans But I go to a tiny, white, sexist, ridiculously clique-y school. So. #YAwritersAATJust Another Dreamer
Great conversation going on with Teens and Writers about how Gay Teens are treated in their schools. #YAWritersAAT is the hash tag.Tess Sharpe
I'm friends with basically everyone I know at my school, so I'll be here discussing the good sides to people. Which are great #YAWritersAATAlexandra Hayman
Are smart kids shunned because they're smart? (I was smart and labeled a nerd... Wait, not was. I'm still smart) #YAWritersAATHelen Boswell
@CinderScoria Badassed. Does he get hassled? #YAWritersAAT .@EncoreUnReveurLeigh Ann Kopans
@EncoreUnReveur @ABoredAuthor @LeighAnnKopans I go to an all-girls school and live in residence. We're basically all friends #YAWritersAATAlexandra Hayman
@CinderScoria: I love that! So he's pretty open about that? @EncoreUnReveur @LeighAnnKopans #YAWritersAATHeather Marie
@LeighAnnKopans @EncoreUnReveur All the guys love him. Err-- so to speak. :P I guess they don't care if you're good. #YAWritersAATLost_in_Translation
I'm wondering about socioeconomic separations. Rich kids and poor kids. Do those kids usually stick together, and why? #YAWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
@HelenBozz It really depends. Most of the smarticle particles in our school also play sports, so they get by. #YAwritersAATJust Another Dreamer
@sharpegirl Thank you!!! <3 #YAWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
@HelenBozz No. Teased by some, sometimes, but the smart ones are almost never looked down on. #YAWritersAATChihuahua Zero
@chihuahuazero Yes it does. #YAWritersAATAlexandra Hayman
@HelenBozz actually not at all, but some of them are jerks b/c they assume they're better than anyone less..informed #YAWritersAATMorgan Stiℓenski
@msalliehayman REALLY. Props to your administrators and student body. #YAWritersAAT @EncoreUnReveur @ABoredAuthorLeigh Ann Kopans
@msalliehayman I'm curious, what is #YAWritersAAT?Risham Nadeem
@CinderScoria @EncoreUnReveur @LeighAnnKopans Those are the types of char ST-breakers we need to see more of in fiction #YAWritersAATNicole Steinhaus
@LeighAnnKopans To my knowledge, no distinct division exists at my school. It sometimes get talked about, but occasionally. #YAWritersAATChihuahua Zero
So, it seems like kids are way more open about their sexuality now. Do your high schools have clubs to support Gay Teens? #YAWritersAATHeather Marie
@LeighAnnKopans Socioeconomics don't play a HUGE part in my school, actually. But many are #YAwritersAATJust Another Dreamer
@HelenBozz Not at all. I went to a small school, and most of the 'popular' kids were all in honors class. #YAWritersAATAmanda Foody
@HelenBozz Not by virtue of being smart. Obnoxious smart kids aren't shunned, but less popular for being, well, obnoxious #YAWritersAATAlexandra Hayman
@CinderScoria Hahaha baseball is king, huh? #YAWritersAAT @EncoreUnReveurLeigh Ann Kopans
@RishamNadeem Young Adult Writers Ask A Teen. :) #YAWritersAATHeather Marie
@xHeatherxMariex Yep. GSA. They meet every other Thursday. #YAWritersAATChihuahua Zero
@LeighAnnKopans Only in baseball season. :P Football and wrestling reign in my school during the fall. #YAWritersAAT @EncoreUnReveurLost_in_Translation
@xHeatherxMariex yup, gay straight alliance #YAWritersAATMorgan Stiℓenski
@LeighAnnKopans #YAWritersAAT Rich vs. poor never really mattered at my school. Nobody cared whether you had a big house or not.Amanda Foody
Are there still groups of "bad" kids that tend to stick together? Back in my day they all work punk t-shirts and smoked. #YAWritersAATSarah Negovetich
@xHeatherxMariex Yeah. We have a One School program, for LGBT kids, abused kids, druggies, and normals. #YAWritersAATLost_in_Translation
@LeighAnnKopans @CinderScoria @msalliehayman Oh yeah, *butting in* Soccer was the snobby girl sport in my HS. #YAWritersAATSarah L. Blair
A followup to the rich kids/poor kids question - Are there delineating factors? Cars, clothes, phones, etc? Does anyone care? #YAWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
Also, religious and racial miniorities. Who are they and what are the stereotypes? #YAWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
@SarahLBlair @LeighAnnKopans @msalliehayman Right? I joined once as goalie. They shunned me. Big time. #YAWritersAATLost_in_Translation
@LeighAnnKopans As far as I know, not really. #YAWritersAATChihuahua Zero
@SarahLBlair This completely surprises and baffles me. .My sister played. I have to ask. #YAWritersAAT @CinderScoria @msalliehaymanLeigh Ann Kopans
Gotta duck out early. Writing and newspaper and homework, and tennis match tomorrow. Le sigh. Toodles, everyone! #YAWritersAATJust Another Dreamer
@LeighAnnKopans Oh! I have a TON of Mormons at my school! My ASL teacher likes to make fun of them. #YAWritersAATLost_in_Translation
.@msalliehayman Any scholarship students at the boarding school? Or do they do a good job of keeping it under wraps? #YAWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
#YAWritersAAT How about stereotypes based on race? (Am sick of Asian kids being portrayed as quirky perfectionists wearing sock monkey hats)Helen Boswell
@CinderScoria @LeighAnnKopans @msalliehayman I never even bothered trying out. The team was already picked. #YAWritersAATSarah L. Blair
@SarahNego with the exception of the shirts, too many people would fit into that category for it to be an official group #YAWritersAATMorgan Stiℓenski
@LeighAnnKopans Jews and Chinese are prominent at, but there's enough to them to be considered the norm. #YAWritersAATChihuahua Zero
@AmandaFoody That's so awesome. I kind of want to move my family to where you live. <3 #YAWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
@HelenBozz Hahahahah REALLY? I guess I don't read enough. #YAWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
@LeighAnnKopans Depends on the team. Soccer is year-round. If you're not dedicated, you're not worth it. #YAWritersAAT @SarahLBlairLost_in_Translation
I guess the Asian stereotype I'm used to is academic overachievers, crazy studiers, etc. That can't be universally true. #YAWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
@HelenBozz there are people who fit the stereotype completely, people who don't fit it at all, &people who are in the middle #YAWritersAATMorgan Stiℓenski
@LeighAnnKopans Also, not a lot of Asians at my school. People like to joke about minorities by saying they're cooler. #YAWritersAATLost_in_Translation
Y'all, #YAWritersAAT is on fire tonight! Now they're getting into religion & socioeconomics & how it divides or doesn't divide ppl in hs.Tess Sharpe
@LeighAnnKopans No, but there's enough that fit the stereotype for it to "exist" in people's minds. #YAWritersAATChihuahua Zero
@xHeatherxMariex I didn't like HS but if anything the cheerleaders were nice to me. It was others that were snobs. #YAWritersAATKim Baccellia
.@chihuahuazero I was gonna ask about the Jewish stereotype - Any Jewish American Princesses by you, or just Princesses? :D #YAWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
We are trending! Woo hoo! #YAWritersAATHeather Marie
@LeighAnnKopans I think the hat thing was more something I saw on some of the TV shows out now, but still ;-) #YAWritersAATHelen Boswell
@AmandaFoody Do you think that was a language thing? #YAWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
@LeighAnnKopans I know that there are some, but I genuinely don't know who they are. #YAWritersAATAlexandra Hayman
@LeighAnnKopans *snorts* Not Taco. He is definitely not an overachiever. #YAWritersAATLost_in_Translation
Had to pop in on @sharpegirl's suggestion. Hello all! #YAWritersAATAngela Andaloro
@LeighAnnKopans Never heard of "Jewish American Princesses". #YAWritersAATChihuahua Zero
@xHeatherxMariex For me it was the girls in my church that were snobs to me. I was never 'good' enough. #YAWritersAAtKim Baccellia
@LeighAnnKopans But honestly, it's true a lot of times, so that's why it is a stereoptye. Not always, but a lot. #YAWritersAATJohn Hansen
@aisforangelaaa Hi There! Thanks! <3 #YAWritersAAT @sharpegirlLeigh Ann Kopans
Really? Never heard of (ironically) JAPs? @chihuahuazero #YAWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
@morgnicole @LeighAnnKopans All right. I wouldn't been able to get it, since I don't watch Glee. :) #YAWritersAATChihuahua Zero
@LeighAnnKopans @HelenBozz LOL, me neither. Though, the Asian kid in Looking for Alaska did wear some sort of hat. A fox? #YAWritersAATNicole Steinhaus
@LeighAnnKopans @aisforangelaaa I always bring all the cool people to the party. #YAWritersAATTess Sharpe
What about the stereotypes for African Americans in YA? Anything you're sick of seeing/reading? #YAWritersAATHeather Marie
@LeighAnnKopans Um, me neither... #YAWritersAAT @chihuahuazeroJohn Hansen
@LeighAnnKopans Actually, I might've heard the term once, but no one here stereotypes Jewish girls. #YAWritersAATChihuahua Zero
@EncoreUnReveur @leighannkopans Definitely. #YAWritersAATOlivia
@ixtumea Interesting. #YAWritersAATHeather Marie
@xHeatherxMariex I can tell you about some of the Latino stereotypes in YA. Gangbangers, broken homes. #YAWritersAAtKim Baccellia
@ABoredAuthor @LeighAnnKopans True. I see it in my classroom #YAWritersAATNicole Steinhaus
@xHeatherxMariex THAT WE ALL TALK LIKE GHETTO UNEDUCATED DOORKNOBS. *glares* Definitely not true. #YAWritersAATLost_in_Translation
@xHeatherxMariex Yes, some editors told me that mean Christian girls was a cliche. It might have also been because parents #YAWritersAATKim Baccellia
#YAWritersAAT @chihuahuazero @morgnicole Ohhhh it's WAY older than Glee.Leigh Ann Kopans
@chihuahuazero @LeighAnnKopans So what kind of girls are the princesses? Or does that group of girls not exist anymore? #yawritersaatSarah Negovetich
Sorry I've been gone! SO MANY THINGS to do. I'm terrible!! See this is coming along well, though. I'll be back next week. #YAWritersAATOlivia
@xHeatherxMariex weren't married. Also when I told a 'friend' about dad's abuse, I was labeled bad. #YAWritersAATKim Baccellia
@SarahNego @LeighAnnKopans What do you mean by "princesses"? We might be having a difference in regional languages. #YAWritersAATChihuahua Zero
@CinderScoria Exactly!! That stereotype makes me angry. #YAWritersAATHeather Marie
@LeighAnnKopans @chihuahuazero lol that's the only time I've ever heard it #YAWritersAATMorgan Stiℓenski
So let's talk a little bit about high school boys.Parents think they're all sex obsessed. Are all the guys focused on....THAT? #YAWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
@SarahNego We call them Preps. :P The popular kids are the musicians and the jocks. #YAWritersAAT @chihuahuazero @LeighAnnKopansLost_in_Translation
@xHeatherxMariex Latino are all dropouts(cringes). 1 reason why I've been trying to show my culture in a more positive light. #YAWritersAATKim Baccellia
@ixtumea I'm Mexican as well. I totally understand. #YAWritersAATHeather Marie
@chihuahuazero The girls that always come to school with perfect hair, perfect outfit, & expect to be treated special #yawritersaatSarah Negovetich
@LeighAnnKopans At a Catholic school, no. In college, yes. But like everywhere, it definitely depends on the guy. #YAWritersAATAmanda Foody
@xHeatherxMariex I've heard from some parents that had encouraged homophobia then said they are Christ-like. Cringes. #YAWritersAATKim Baccellia
@xHeatherxMariex Also that we're poor. And white girls always call each other "n*iggers", which makes no sense to me. #YAWritersAATLost_in_Translation
@LeighAnnKopans Good question! *puts on sock monkey hat to wait for answer* #YAWritersAATHelen Boswell
@LeighAnnKopans yes, some are better at hiding it, and some want more than just...that, but overall yes #YAWritersAATMorgan Stiℓenski
@SarahNego That stereotype doesn't exist here, at least not in a "social ladder" form. #YAWritersAATChihuahua Zero
@SarahNego @chihuahuazero Most of our popular girls, on days we didn't have to wear uniform, came in sweat pants #yawritersAATAmanda Foody
@SarahNego @chihuahuazero I go to school everyday w/ perfect hair and makeup. most of my friends do. doesn't make us bitches. #YAWritersAATAlexandra Hayman
. @AmandaFoody REALLY? Is it a values thing, do you think? #YAWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
@xHeatherxMariex My grandfather was Mexican. I was a bilingual teacher. 1 reason I love multiculturals that get it right. #YAWritersAATKim Baccellia
@xHeatherxMariex @ixtumea That drives me nuts when people call people who aren't Mexican, Mexican. #YAWritersAATLost_in_Translation
@AmandaFoody @SarahNego @chihuahuazero this is actually my life. ACTUALLY. MY. LIFE. #YAWritersAAT #boardingschoolprobz #girlsschoolprobzAlexandra Hayman
@msalliehayman Uh huh. So the Princess thing is just about having a lot of stuff? @chihuahuazero @SarahNego #YAWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
@msalliehayman @chihuahuazero hope I didn't offend. This was a big clique in my day. Glad to see it's faded out. :) #yawritersaatSarah Negovetich
@LeighAnnKopans @msalliehayman @SarahNego Drawing a blank. I wish I'm more in tuned to stuff like this. #YAWritersAATChihuahua Zero
@ixtumea @xHeatherxMariex Oh yeah, that happens way more often than you think. #YAWritersAATTess Sharpe
@CinderScoria Hispanics always seem to get lumped together as Mexicans. Way off. #YAWritersAATAngela Andaloro
@CinderScoria It depends on who you ask. I know some get upset if you call them Chicano, Latino, or Hispanic. #YAWritersAATKim Baccellia
@AmandaFoody Hahaha that's hilarious. #YaWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
Thing is, lots of gossip here are complaints about teachers and what bad stuff people did. #YAWritersAATChihuahua Zero
@CinderScoria @xHeatherxMariex @ixtumea YES! This! Ask the person their heritage before making stupid assumptions! #YAWritersAATTess Sharpe
@CinderScoria I call myself Latina and I'm proud of my raices. #YAWritersAATKim Baccellia
@sharpegirl Yes! There are many different heritages out there. #YAWritersAATKim Baccellia
@aisforangelaaa Definitely. Not a lot of Hispanics or Mexicans in my school, though. Which is sad 'cause Latinos are my type. #YAWritersAATLost_in_Translation
@sharpegirl I just get upset when some say I'm not Latina enough. As if I'll deny my own heritage. #YAWritersAATKim Baccellia
@sharpegirl: @CinderScoria @ixtumea That's also a problem with everyone assuming someone is Chinese when they are say Korean. #YAWritersAATHeather Marie
Hmmm...we didn't talk about the dumb jock. But don't they have to keep a certain GPA to stay on the team? #YAWritersAATLeigh Ann Kopans
@sharpegirl My grandfather felt he had to due to the anti-Mexican sentiment he grew up with. He couldn't speak Spanish. #YAWritersAATKim Baccellia
@ixtumea @sharpegirl There're occasional jokes about "not being Asian enough", but school had been cracking down on that. #YAWritersAATChihuahua Zero
@xHeatherxMariex OMG, you need to be careful on that too. #YAWritersAATKim Baccellia
@LeighAnnKopans Right. Get lower than a C in a class or a bad citizenship grade, and you're off the team. #YAWritersAATChihuahua Zero
@sharpegirl My one former aid told me she was hit if she spoke Spanish in school. #YAWritersAATKim Baccellia
@chihuahuazero @ixtumea Good for the school, because that's just lame. #YAWritersAATTess Sharpe
@chihuahuazero I just hate it. I still have ppl tell me this. I had to fight the district to put down I was Latina. #YAWritersAATKim Baccellia
I think "a jock with attitude" is more accurate than the "dumb jock". #YAWritersAATChihuahua Zero
Thanks for being so awesome tonight, you guys! And thanks again to @leighannkopans for putting this together! #YAWritersAATHeather Marie
@LeighAnnKopans Right, but it's also usually insinuated that teacher's cut them slack if it's a big sports school. #YAWritersAATAngela Andaloro
@sharpegirl And my biracial nephews hearing things too. #YAWritersAATKim Baccellia
I think that wraps up our hour, #YAWritersAAT participants! Thanks so much to EVERYONE! Teens, is anyone sticking around?Leigh Ann Kopans
@ixtumea I always hate when it says Hispanic (Not White) on a form, but doesn't give a mixed option. #YAWritersAATAngela Andaloro
@LeighAnnKopans You're welcome! #YAWritersAATChihuahua Zero
@ixtumea That's disgusting. The love interests in my next 2 bks are boys of color,so I'm paying close attention to this stuff. #YAWritersAATTess Sharpe
Thanks especially to our #YAWritersAAT answerers: @chihuahuazero, @OliviasOpinions , @ABoredAuthor , @AmandaFoody, @aisforangelaaa *(1/2)Leigh Ann Kopans
@LeighAnnKopans When I was in school, teachers would give passing grades to football players that didn't earn them.Still true? #YAWritersAATnicole tersigni
@ixtumea @sharpegirl At my school, Chinese students occasionally speak in Mandarin, but not often. #YAWritersAATChihuahua Zero
@LeighAnnKopans I can stick around for a little while longer, but only like a 1/2 hour #YAWritersAATMorgan Stiℓenski
@LeighAnnKopans Ah, didn't realize it was over! Catch you guys next time. :) #YAWritersAATnicole tersigni
Thanks especially to our #YAWritersAAT answerers @msalliehayman , @EncoreUnReveur , @tarynalbright , @morgnicole who else...? (2/2)Leigh Ann Kopans
@LeighAnnKopans and teens: Thanks for another great #YAWritersAAT chat!Helen Boswell
Question: Are students expected to take AP at one point? My history teacher encourages it. #YAWritersAATChihuahua Zero
Great #YAWritersAAT tonight! @LeighAnnKopans, you rock for organizing such a great chat and moderating w/ awesome subjects!Tess Sharpe
#YAWritersAAT trended on EMMY NIGHT, you guys! That's AMAZING! Thanks for your commitment to encouraging authentic writing for teens. <3Leigh Ann Kopans
@chihuahuazero it's really a choice, but if they decide to take an AP level class then yes. #YAWritersAATMorgan Stiℓenski
Good night, everyone! #YAWritersAATChihuahua Zero
Internet CRAZY slow at the Kopans Bayit, so I can't post #YAwritersAAT findings tonight... But I will on the @YAMisfits recap Tuesday! <3Leigh Ann Kopans
@LeighAnnKopans I haven't been a teen for a few mos but in HS the jocks had to at least make C-/D average. #YAWritersAATEliana (Elle-Ya-Nuh)
@LeighAnnKopans Ahhhh! I missed #YAwritersAAT bc I was anniversarying! Sorry I couldn't join this week :(Valerie Cole
just realized I missed #YAwritersAAT! suckage.Cait Peterson
@caitpeterson Me too! #YAwritersAATerica m. chapman
Neighbor fell down stairs (she's OK now) Her mom asked me to go in amb. Upside: They let me work the siren. Downside: I missed #YAWritersAATbria quinlan
@LynneSchmidt To be honest, I kept forgetting to do the siren bc I was too worried watching them take care of Neighbor Girl #YAWritersAATbria quinlan
Hey, remember that time #YAWritersAAT trended ON EMMY NIGHT??? You guys rule. Transcript up at @YAMisfits tomorrow. <3 Ann Kopans


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