September 18, 2012

YA Writers Ask A Teen: Slang and Voice

First of all, L'Shana Tova Tikateyvu (hope I got that right) to Misfits Leigh Ann and Dahlia who are celebrating the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah)! In celebration of this new start, I wanted to share our very first #YAwritersAAT chat with all of you.

The #YAWritersAAT chat started as an opportunity for writers on Twitter to ask a couple of Leigh Ann's teen readers questions about their lives, as an authenticity check for their works-in-progress. The response has been amazing, both from the teens and participants. In fact, #YAWritersAAT has been a trending topic nearly every week. Yay to this awesome group of YA writers for caring so much about authenticity in teen voice!

The topic of the very first chat (long before we knew how big this thing would be) was slang and voice. If you haven't already read through the chat, I highly recommend that you do! The whole transcript is after the jump!


Leigh Ann said...

Finally catching up! Thanks for posting this, and for the new year wishes, honey! <3

VikLit said...

These are such great catch ups, thank you for posting them up!

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