September 24, 2012

Monday Pep Rally: Favorite School Memory

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So now that school supplies have been bought,  lockers assigned and everyone’s back in class, I find myself thinking about my own high school experiences. Some of my favorite YA books take place at school, or in an academic setting, and I’m a sucker for characters who have to walk that fine line between fitting in with the school culture and being themselves. Probably because I remember walking that line myself and never being sure of where I belonged. Yeah, I was a misfit even back then.
One of my favorite memories was of the group of friends I hung out with my Junior year. I got along with everyone, and this group was made up of all of us weirdoes – we had a few drama kids, some Goths, a few of the LGBT crowd, a few Band geeks, and some hippy chicks. It was a really cool group of people that normally would never have come together. But somehow, we all drifted together and became friends. And where would you expect a group like this to hang out?
The local cemetery, of course.
It was an old, unused plot of land in the middle of the city, with towering oaks and faded tombstones. It felt like a place that time had almost forgotten. So where better to sit around, talk about life, or just hang out after class than surrounded by the dead? Looking back now, I can see where we might have been considered a bit weird, but at the time, it was the perfect place for us. I have lots of really great memories of snapping funny pictures, performing impromptu plays in front of a crumbling mausoleum, and just generally being goofy.

So this week’s Question for you: What is your favorite school memory?

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Dahlia Adler said...

I'm one of those freaks who actually liked high school, so I've got a bunch of good memories, but seeing as I *am* the Bible Thumper, I'll go with being captain of Torah Bowl, which was a hilarious actual club at my high school that just started when I was a junior. Two of my best friends were on it with me and we were just terrible. Most fun I've ever had losing.

Melanie Stanford said...

MY fave school memory? Uh, graduating and getting the heck out of there?
Just kidding.
Performing with my school dance group when I lived in CT was a lot of fun. In Ottawa, I loved getting all decked out in school colors and cheering on our sports teams.

Maggie Hall said...

Awww, I can just see Teen Jamie hanging around in the cemetery... :)

I liked high school too, and I don't know that I have one favorite memory! It's kind of boring, but I guess what I'll always remember the best is just hanging out with my group of friends--going out to parties and trying to flirt with boys, or staying in and piling on the couch to watch our favorite movies for the hundredth time, or sneaking off school grounds to get giant caramel frappuccinos from the Starbucks across the street during our free periods... High school was fun. :)

Sarah Wedgbrow said...

Senior year wasn't bad at all. At graduation when I walked across the stage, most of the class shouted "Hey Abbott!" and there was that moment when it was all over and everyone forgot who was friends with who and we all just congratulated each other and said goodbye to childhood.

Seabrooke said...

It's nice to see other people enjoyed high school, too, since the stereotype is for teens to hate it. I always feel slightly guilty when I admit I enjoyed those years best of all my school years. I think it was partly the large group of friends I was part of, and partly all the extracurriculars I was involved in. My favourite was probably being on the tech crew - the students who ran the sound and lighting for stage productions, assemblies, etc. It was me and my three closest friends, all guys, and we'd just have a blast doing it.

Seabrooke said...

That might make a good #YAwritersAAT chat, actually, if it hasn't been done already: the teen experience, and in particular as it pertains to high school, and what teens love/hate most.

erica m. chapman said...

I loved going on drives and singing in the car with friends. I know. I was a weird kid. That was also when gas wasn't as much and I'm not telling you how much cause then you'll know how old I really am.

Love the post, Jamie!! <3

Emily Mead said...

I'm still in high school :D
But my favourite part is hanging out with my friends.
I'm also the massive nerd, so I enjoy learning as well.
Maths is a daily torture for me.
Annoying teachers is fun, though...
Interesting to see what everyone else has said!

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