September 17, 2012

Monday Pep Rally: Emotional Characters

Hi Everyone!!

I hope you are all doing well ;o)

Monday Pep Rally is a weekly feature where the Misfits post a question for our lovely readers to answer. You can post your answers on your own blog and leave a link in the comment!

Today's topic: Emotion.

There's something powerful about a character that can get me to cry. Only a few have been able to do it. For me, emotion is the easiest way to get me to turn the page (or push my Kindle button - I can't really say turn the page anymore. LOL) It's what binds me to a character, what gets me to root for them, gets me to think about them long after the last page has been turned - er, last button has been pushed.

One for me is John Green's Augustus (Gus) from THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. 

*I'll quote my own Goodreads review of it. "This was a book that burrowed into my soul and made a home, tore it down, and rearranged the pieces. There are some books that just affect you. Besides making you think, they make you wonder and ask questions and contemplate the universe and our reason for living."

Gus was written in a way that completely wrecked me, caused me to ugly-cry and wail and weep and... well you get the idea. I don't want to give anything away about the story, but there were moments that I felt sick, that I wanted to close my kindle and forget I ever read it. Which is strange, because I truly LOVED that story. I know not everyone will agree with me, but there was something about this boy that completely penetrated into my soul.

So I'll ask you, dear readers...

This week's question: What characters have wrecked YOU emotionally and why?

*In my defense, I did write this review at 5:00 in the morning after finishing it, so if it sounds a little dramatic, that's why. It's not because I, myself, am dramatic. Not at all. Really.


Melanie Stanford said...

Definitely "Verity" from Code Name Verity. You just root for her so hard and the way she describes all the awful stuff makes you want to laugh and cringe at the same time. Loved that book.

Still haven't read TFIOS yet.

Diana Gallagher said...

Taylor Markham and Jonah Griggs from Jellicoe Road. I don't cry when reading books, but man, did I come close. (And in subsequent rereads, they STILL got me.)

Feaky Snucker said...

Artax the horse in The Neverending Story. </3 :'(

erica m. chapman said...

AND both of those books are in my kindle and I haven't read them yet!!! I've heard about both of them and can't wait!!

Great choices ;o)

Emma Pass said...

Sam in SHIVER. That ending… OMG! *reaches for tissues*

CB Soulsby said...

Tessa from Before I Die... just thinking of her hurts my heart!

erica m. chapman said...

Ooo haven't read that. Must put on my list!!

Oh, Artax. Yes. So sad :o(

Dahlia Adler said...

Totally got destroyed by Hazel and Gus for TFiOS, and I just read THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE by Jandy Nelson and can now add Lennie to this list! Ohh, but Tessa from BEFORE I DIE is a good call too.

erica m. chapman said...

Yep, all good ones, D. OH THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE. One of my favorites of all time. So beautiful ;o)

Adrianne Russell said...

Lennie from Jandy Nelson's THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE, Colby from Nina LaCour's THE DISENCHANTMENTS, and Lia from Laurie Halse Anderson's WINTERGIRLS completely gutted me. You just want so desperately for everything to work out for them. While they are hopeful, they're also brutally honest about how some of us just don't make it through life okay.

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