September 6, 2012

Band Geek Thursdays: Maggie's Playlist for The Elite

Welcome to the first Band Geek Thursday! The Misfits are big fans of creating music playlists to get us in the mood to write. Every Thursday, you'll find a new playlist to correspond with what we're writing or reading!

Since I'm the resident band geek (yep! I played the flute in high school. And this one time, at band camp...KIDDING, guys. Kidding.) I'm starting us off! 

So, as you can tell, music is important to us Misfits. You can find us chatting on Twitter pretty much every day about the new song we found for our WIP playlist (or one of the other Misfits' WIP playlists!), and two of our Misfit Launch Giveaways (here and here) are even music-related! 

For me, music's essential to writing because music can get me in the mood for a scene quicker than anything else. From angst to action to declarations of love, it seems like there's a song out there for every emotion. So if you want an idea of what my MS is like, just check out my playlist! (I think you should totally be allowed to say that in a query, don't you?) For me, sometimes the lyrics matter more, sometimes it's the music, but in all of them, it's the feel that really counts. 

What am I rambling on about? You're here for the music, right? Here it is. My playlist for my YA International Thriller, THE ELITE. 

The Elite by maggieh on Grooveshark

What about you? Do you like to write to music? What matters to you in a writing playlist?

(And hey! Have you entered our Kindle giveaway yet? What about all the individual giveaways? No? Well, get to it!) 


Sarah Wedgbrow said...

Playlists are essential to me in more ways than just writing. BUT the difference is I tend to go for albums and play them obsessively for weeks while I'm writing. I can hear a song and remember the scenes I'd been writing. Pretty cool.
p.s. Love that playlist do-hicky. I'm listening right now. :)

Stephsco said...

I come from the mixtape generation, which has since morphed into the amazingly complex and easy-to-accomplish playlist format. I love custom playlists but I still approach them like a mixtape; I don't repeat artists unless it's a final song that really clinches the theme -- and there definitely should be a theme. Otherwise, I just hodgepodge some albums together and play it on shuffle. I love having so many options.

Muse is one of my favorites. A few years back I listened to them non-stop. My favorite is still the Absolution album. And they are amazing to see live!

Valerie Cole said...

I seriously thought I was the only crazypants person who made detailed playlists for their MSs. Luckily, Twitter--and YAMFs--have shown me I'm not alone in my obsession! ;)

<3 you guys!

Robert Kristoffersen said...

I am in the process of rewriting a story and decided that instead of becoming obsessed with one song, I'd construct a playlist in such a way that would help plot the story. It's dark, dark, dark, but it's a good playlist in it's own right. Here is the link on Spotify.

S. L. Hennessy said...

I LOVE the new blog. Super awesome idea.

Gina said...

AAAHHHH!!!! HAUNTED by Taylor Swift is on the Shadow Park soundtrack! Love it!

CB Soulsby said...

I can only listen to instrumental or foreign music when I write, or else I just end up copying down the lyrics!

Maggie Hall said...

Sarah--I do that too!! I almost never just listen to the playlist through--I'll get obsessed with a certain song and play it a zillion times.

Stephsco--Aren't they awesome to write to?? I actually didn't realize how many of their songs I had on there...

Valerie--No way! EVERY writer should have a playlist, right?? ;)

Rob--Ooh, plotting by playlist. I love that.


G--Ahhh! LOVE that song! Most of her stuff is too sweet for this MS, but Haunted is just angsty enough. :) And...yeah. I need to read SP like today.

CB--I used to have that problem, but for me, I think it's if I'm really familiar with a song, I tune out the lyrics. If that makes any sense. So I can't listen to stuff I don't know well, but I can listen to the same song over and over and not have it mess me up. But yeah, I understand!

Amanda Olivieri said...

This is a great playlist! I LOVE that you have so much Muse on here. They're one of my favorites :D I always use music for writing, too. Like you said--sometimes it's the lyrics, sometimes the music, but it's the mood that I'm most concerned with. Music is so great for mood/atmosphere-setting. Thanks for sharing your playlist!

erica m. chapman said...

LOVE your playlist!! I'm a huge Flyleaf fan!! I'm usually writing to music too. I played the flute in Jr. high ;o)

I REALLY want to read your thriller!!

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