September 13, 2012

Band Geek Thursdays: Gina's Playlist for LAST YEAR'S MISTAKE

Hi Guys!

Misfit Gina here to tell you about the songs that serve as the soundtrack to my YA romance, LAST YEAR'S MISTAKE.

Unlike Maggie, I've never played an instrument, but I do love music. So it surprises even me that when I wrote my first novel, I didn't have a playlist. I'd hear songs that reminded me of my characters or their situations, but I never actually compiled them and had a dedicated soundtrack.

That all changed when I started LYM - and the first time I heard Back to December by Taylor Swift.

The song fit so perfectly, it was almost like she'd written it for my story. Cue instant obsession. I put it on my Ipod and played it ad nauseum, letting it be the background music to scenes I'd already written, and even inspire me to write new ones. And yes, I even revised a scene to fit the song.

I kid you not, BTD is LYM's soul mate.

After that, any time I got the "LYM vibe" (anything about finding yourself, regretting the past, missing someone, and of course, falling in love. Hard.) from a song, I'd add it to my soundtrack on Itunes. And here's what I ended up with:

LYM Soundtrack by gmciocca on Grooveshark

So tell us - what's on your writing soundtrack right now? And have you ever had a "soul mate song" for one of your stories?


Francesca Zappia said...

The amount I love both Ocean Avenue and Paradise is actually ridiculous. And YES soulmate songs. Sometimes it's more for specific characters rather than the stories themselves, or sometimes it's a whole band rather than a specific song. (Oh Pendulum. Ohhhhh Pendulum.)

Amanda Olivieri said...

LOVE Taylor! That's so funny you revised a scene to fit the song :D I love that feeling when you hear a song and it just resonates with your story and MUST go on the playlist. I have three songs on my WIP playlist that I consider the "core" songs of the story, but I don't think I have one specific soul mate song. Thanks for sharing your playlist!

Bess Weatherby said...

Oh I LOVE "Back to December!"

Have you seen the video? So pretty.

Meredith said...

Um, I love this whole soundtrack. Like a lot. Especially Taylor!

Maggie Hall said...

Even I think of LYM when I hear Back to December!! Great playlist! :D

Adrianne Russell said...

I love this playlist for many reasons, but particularly for Stay by Alison Krauss. Her voice just makes me want to weep! The soulmate song for the story I'm revising right now is Here With Me by Dido.

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